New Zealand First 2023 Policy

State of the Nation Speech

Held on 24 March, you can read the speech or watch the live stream.

  1. There will be no change to the age of eligibility for Superannuation under New Zealand First.
  2. Under New Zealand First vaccine mandates will end.
  3. Under New Zealand First, we will change all of the woke virtue signaling names of every government department back to English - back to what they were before the academics from university sociology departments started this madness a few years ago.
  4. Under New Zealand First, we will meet St John funding demands, we will ensure Plunket is funded to do their job properly, we will fund Mike King’s Gumboot Friday charity.  We will ensure Rescue Helicopters and Surf Lifesaving NZ are properly funded.
  5. We will ensure Pharmac has more funds to get the medication to the people that need it most – but the first thing we are going to do is sort Pharmac out – they will concentrate on performance not puffery.
  6. Under New Zealand First, if you commit a crime and are part of a gang it will be law that it is an automatic aggravating factor in your sentencing.
  7. In addition, if you assault a First Responder - police officer, paramedic, firefighter or corrections officer in the course of their duty, there will be an automatic six-month minimum mandatory prison sentence.