New Zealand First

Help us celebrate our 30th Birthday!

On the 18th July 1993 New Zealand First was formed to represent those New Zealanders concerned about the social and economic direction of our country, and who were seeking pragmatic, common sense representation in Parliament.

The Party was founded on "Fifteen Fundamental Principles" that emphasise accountable and transparent government, commonsense social and economic policy, and placing the interests of our country and its people at the forefront of Government decision making. 

Today, New Zealand First is a party that focusses on pragmatism and common sense in the wake of extreme political ideological and bureaucratic capture of successive governments. 

As a grassroots movement, New Zealand First is committed to representing forgotten New Zealanders and advocating for support by connecting with the various communities across the country.

Help us celebrate our 30th anniversary by pitching in and helping return New Zealand First to Parliament - Now more than ever New Zealand needs the balance, experience, and common sense New Zealand First brings to politics.


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