New Zealand First believes that the Accident Compensation Corporation is a state responsibility and should be maintained as such. We oppose any concept of privatisation, although private providers may be contracted in selected areas of treatment or retraining at the discretion of ACC. We will strongly oppose any attempt to undermine the scheme.


  • Investigate legislative changes to free ACC from strict requirements when considering income when paying compensation for victims of serious crime
  • Review the operations of dispute processes at ACC to ensure that claims are client centred and resolved within a timely manner
  • Amend rules for victims of serious crime and those who have ongoing life debilitating injuries from having to continually supply documentation to ACC for their annual compensation and entitlements
  • Ensure that ACC contributes to Kiwisaver when workers are receiving weekly compensation 
  • Amend the way backdated compensation is taxed so claimants are not subject to pay tax at a higher rate when receiving lump sum payments. 
  • Review the changes to the work-related gradual process test for injury cover 
  • Ensure the Dean Report recommendations regarding the cost to review are lifted to address the barriers to review for those on modest incomes 
  • Amend legislation so that ACC claims can be challenged in the Supreme Court 
  • Provide certainty to claimants by ensuring that review decisions are enforceable
  • Update and review the list of Occupational Diseases to provide financial support to those who have been exposed to carcinogens through their work and have developed cancer as a result
  • Require ACC to recognise occupational cancers among Firefighters