Agriculture continues to be one of the main pillars of the New Zealand economy. We believe that value, not volume, is the philosophy that will keep our farmers and growers in an innovative, sustainable business environment, working for and not against New Zealand’s economic and environmental future. New Zealand First will continue to support our agriculture sector and ensure that the ‘New Zealand Brand’ remains prestigious on the world stage.


  • Build the New Zealand First Farms initiative to assist qualified new entrants towards farm ownership by leveraging Landcorp’s balance sheet
  • Facilitate water storage and irrigation schemes while working in tandem with local groups and Government to fund and build water storage capacity and capability, so that they meet the needs of modern aquaculture and horticulture
  • Provide government co-funding for primary sector ‘New Zealand Brand’ value add initiatives, such as Beef and Lamb New Zealand’s “Taste Pure Nature” or protecting the term of ‘Manuka Honey’
  • Increase funding and capacity for primary production research
  • Introduce accelerated depreciation for wintering sheds
  • Dedicate funding for riparian planting and fences
  • Update the Sharemilking Act (1937)
  • Investigate stock agent licencing reforms
  • Enable domestic testing of rye grass for methane reduction
  • Explore the feasibility of wool carpets and insulation in all Government funded buildings
  • Consider the total overhaul of strong wool marketing models
  • Support the National Animal Welfare Advisory Council (NAWAC) in formulating animal welfare standards
  • Support research into regenerative farming models
  • Help unify the Manuka Honey industry to add value to our export products
  • Support agricultural training institutions such as Telford in Balclutha