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Antony Woollams, Candidate for Rangitikei

Antony 'Anton' Woollams lives in Ashhurst in the Manawatu, 15 kilometres out of Palmerston North in the south-east boundary of the Rangitikei electorate.

He was born in Whanganui and went to school in Auckland, but has family in Marton, Turakina and Whanganui and throughout New Zealand.

During his early Army career, he was posted to Linton Military Camp in the Manawatu and immediately knew that this was a part of the world that he wanted to return to, raise a family, reconnect with my roots and be part of the community.

Anton and his family moved out of Auckland in 2007 and settled in Ashhurst. He is a former NZ Army NZDF Medic and Nursing Officer, a civilian Registered Nurse, a Paramedic, a Flight Nurse and also a former Healthcare Instructor.

His career, both civilian and military, has taken him the length of New Zealand and around the world, in a variety of roles, with international organisations, government departments, and private businesses, including NZDF, NATO, Corrections, Maori Health, Pasifika and Australian indigenous health care.

Anton has extensive experience liaising and working with multidisciplinary teams and allied professionals, internationally and domestically, in all sorts of environments and working relationships.

He has experience from the boardroom to the field, and as a former Army Officer, he knows that leadership and strategic vision is vital to maintain the mission objective while maintaining control and awareness of what is happening on the ground. I believe in looking for practical solutions, a can-do attitude and being prepared to roll up my sleeves to get the job done.

Anton has always been interested in entering into some form of political career, I come from a family background that believes in a sense of duty, having a social conscience, doing the right thing and to stand up for what you believe in, and what it means to be a New Zealander.

He believes that we need to find a practical balance between our community values, our cultural needs, our social conscience, big business and economic realities without destroying what makes New Zealand the unique place that it is, maintaining our 'New Zealandness' fostering our 'Kiwi way of life' our values and our innovative drive is vital to the future of this country and our place in the world.

Anton believes that New Zealand First is the political party that still stands for commonsense values, balances parliament, the political landscape and the political parties, and works to find practical solutions to assist benefit and advance New Zealand for all New Zealanders.


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