Keeping our environment safe means protection at every possible avenue of risk. Unfortunately, we have already seen how devastating pests and invasive species can be for our environment and economy meaning we cannot treat these matters lightly. New Zealand First has and will continue to champion proactive policies that ensure our border and environmental protection agencies are well resourced to weather the storm of possible biosecurity risks.


  • Ensure that BiosecurityNZ and other border protection agencies have adequate resourcing
  • Increase offshore port capacity to prevent Brown Marmorated Stink Bug and similar invasive pests from entering the country
  • Conduct an independent review into the Myco-Plasma Bovis response
  • Ensure that the appropriate agencies are involved before and at the border as well as post-incursion 
  • Facilitate greater international cooperation on matters regarding the control and eradication of animal and plant diseases 
  • Provide the necessary funding and technology needed to combat biological and other threats at our border
  • Require effective coordination between relevant government agencies to ensure appropriate deterrents exist to the poaching and trafficking of protected species
  • Update instant fines and other means of providing effective deterrents against border breaches
  • Establish a New Zealand Border Protection Force combining functions of the New Zealand Defence Force, New Zealand Customs Service and Immigration New Zealand to coordinate the protection of our borders from pandemic and biosecurity incursions.