Population Plan

New Zealand’s population is predicted to grow to 6.5 million over the next 20 years. Should it? Five million will be in our already stretched urban areas with our rural and regional towns predicted to have increasingly older populations, putting at risk many of the services we, New Zealanders, expect and deserve.

Because of COVID19 we, as a nation, have a unique opportunity to discuss the future look of immigration and our countries population. What’s the sustainability plan? What infrastructure, health, and schooling plans do we have in advance?

Once we have established that figure over what period of time, taking into account natural additions via birth and attrition via death, should we take to get to that number? Does that period do time give us the capacity to ensure that the infrastructure required to ensure new Kiwis have the quality of life current kiwis expect – housing, healthcare, education and employment.

Just as New Zealand First required a conversation to set a 30 year plan for Education so we believe we should have a nationwide conversation to set a 30 year population plan. This discussion should not get bogged down in the “who” of immigration but kept high level with those key questions – How many over how long so that we can plan appropriately.