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The New Zealand we know and love is hanging by a thread. Things are failing everywhere, all at once. Woke extremism and political squabbling isn't going to save us. We need to take action.

To give real hope to our people, our families, and our communities we must;

  1. Protect freedom and democracy
    By rejecting separatism and racism. We all matter, each and every one of us.

  2. Tackle the cost-of-living crisis
    Take on those foreign-owned banks and supermarkets, charging more here than elsewhere.

  3. Create opportunity for all
    By leveling up in our education, health, employment and infrastructure.

  4. Get tough on rising crime
    To restore safety to our homes and streets.

  5. Improve the lives of our seniors
    They’ve earned the right to be looked after.

That's why New Zealand First is here. We stand for common sense. We hold the system to account. We speak for New Zealanders like you. And unlike other parties, we deliver on our promises. If you want to return New Zealand to what we once were, the greatest country on Earth, then you know what to do. Join us, and Let's Take Back Our Country. 

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Please note: Political donations are not tax deductible. Donations can be made by an individual who has New Zealand Citizenship or registered to vote, or legally registered companies or organisations. Political parties are required to maintain records of donors and contact information must be collected to comply with electoral law. Any donor may donate up to $10,000 in total in a calendar year without their details being disclosed publicly. Any aggregated amount that exceeds $10,000 must be publicly disclosed with the donor’s name. Any questions relating to disclosures can be made to [email protected]

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