Climate Change

New Zealand First supports the necessity for a transition to a zero carbon future where people and planet and business can all thrive. We recognise that climate change is interconnected with many other environmental and social sustainability issues.

Responding to Climate change means responding together, across sectors, including transport, industrial heat, electricity, agriculture, forestry, waste, and water. We will work to prioritise actions across these areas.

We want to encourage a platform in which businesses feel safe and encouraged to measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions, assist with setting public emissions reduction, and working within their own sectors to reduce their emissions.

This includes enabling members to measure, report on, and reduce their emissions, particularly on New Zealand’s key transition opportunities. We also support our members to build the resilience to adapt to a changing climate.

New Zealand First recognises that a healthy planet, means restoring nature, including biodiversity, water ecosystems, forests and soil. As Business NZ has said, “This is particularly critical in New Zealand, as so much of our economic success relies on nature, including agriculture.”

Successfully addressing these issues means NZ has a competitive advantage with its exports into the rest of the world. Customers place a high value on sustainability, so as much as this is the right thing to do for our planet, it also makes economic sense. 

As New Zealand introduces national carbon budgets, New Zealand First will work with Business to ensure it is proactively part of shaping a shared plan to transition New Zealand to a zero carbon economy.