Our country has a unique ecosystem of international significance meaning it must be protected from potential threats, and be preserved for future generations. New Zealand First advocates for conservation policies that are proactive, create employment, and engage with local communities.



  • Investigate the feasibility of a ‘New Zealand Native Tree Seed Bank’ and the greater use of ‘Native Tree Sanctuaries’ 
  • Fund the Kauri dieback response to include more monitoring, research, compliance staff, and disease control
  • Support threatened species recovery programmes while also protecting and restoring their natural habitat
  • Continue on our 2017 commitment to support scientific research into 1080 alternatives through the likes of National Science Challenges
  • Expand the poison free pest trapping zones and ensure pest control on Crown land is effectively implemented
  • Support coordinated development of the possum fur industry and continue to support pest eradication and the trapping industry
  • Support new initiatives for community groups, iwi, and conservation groups to participate in conservation projects
  • Protect our waterways through supporting riparian planting, creating wetlands, and fencing off waterways to improve river quality
  • Enhance and protect the rights of all New Zealanders to access their cultural heritage sites through clarifying and amending legislation associated with protecting these heritage sites, buildings and objects
  • Require effective coordination between relevant government agencies to ensure appropriate deterrents exist to the poaching and trafficking of threatened species
  • Rationalise pastoral leases, where grazing of value exists, to promote ecologically sustainable land use with strong attention to special natural areas
  • Provide financial support and aid the development of water harvesting schemes such as storage dams where appropriate 
  • Give the West Coast access to the Department of Conservation held stewardship land for sustainable and environmentally approved mining
  • Ensure the Department of Conservation survey all stewardship land within 10 years and remove those parts of it from the Conservation Estate that should not be so designated.