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We are on a mission to return our country to what we once were - the greatest country on Earth.

We've worked hard to include as many policies as we can into our coalition agreement, but there is much more we need to do.

And we need your generosity to push our message to as many New Zealanders as we can. 

Our supporters have been extremely generous, however we are still trailing behind the other big parties in terms of resources. 

Your continued financial support will ensure our message reaches voters without hindrance from the biased media.

Donating is simple - just complete the online form. If your donation is in excess of $1000, please consider donating directly into our bank account. This allows more of your donation to go directly to New Zealand First, rather than to our payment processor.

If you would like to pay by bank transfer or if there are issues processing with your credit card then please contact [email protected] 

Please note: Political donations are not tax deductible. Donations can be made by an individual who has New Zealand Citizenship or registered to vote, or legally registered companies or organisations. Political parties are required to maintain records of donors and contact information must be collected to comply with electoral law. Any donor may donate up to $10,000 in total in a calendar year without their details being disclosed publicly. Any aggregated amount that exceeds $10,000 must be publicly disclosed with the donor’s name. Any questions relating to disclosures can be made to our Party Secretary at [email protected]