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Dr David Wilson, Candidate for Whangarei

David Wilson is balanced, smart and pragmatic. He likes to get things done and is not afraid of taking on the big issues. He is also positive, visionary, compassionate and authentic. He cares about family, about people, about prosperity, and the communities we live in. He wants what is best for New Zealand and New Zealanders. David’s blend of business and public sector experience, backed up by strong qualifications, means he connects with people on a personal level but can also influence at the highest level.

He is the right person to help re-build New Zealand’s society and economy post the Covid-19 pandemic. David will put New Zealanders, NZ communities, NZ businesses and New Zealand, First.

David is married to ‘Dr Anna’ an exceptional family doctor who cares deeply about family medicine and is loved by her patients. His son Ash is an immigration analyst with a BA and MA in Philosophy (1st Class Hons) from Auckland University having previously won the undergraduate philosophy prize at Massey University. “We have great discussions on politics and philosophy!” His daughter Jess is a professional dancer who “has taught me that meaning can be conveyed through movement, music and timing as well as words”.

Harry the cat and Lilly the dog complete the picture. The family enjoys travel and holidays at the beach in Northland with plenty of seafood, wine, and friends. David enjoys basketball, coaching (I have gained immense satisfaction in encouraging youth to be the best they can be as individuals and as part of a team), fishing, surfing (Hawaii teaches humility), rugby (just watching these days!) music, travel (new places, cultures, and history), dance (only really watching my daughter), and movies with the family. “I’m currently reading ‘London’ by Edward Rutherford and my favourite book is ‘Enlightenment Now’ by Steven Pinker.”


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