Economic Development

Economic policy must work to improve the lives of ordinary Kiwis and put New Zealand on a pathway to prosperity. Our approach involves capitalizing on the natural assets, local talent, enterprise, and environment New Zealand is endowed with. New Zealand First believes that a new economic direction is needed now more than ever as worldwide economic uncertainty has become the norm in the post COVID-19 world.


  • Support the primary industries sector and help it grow sustainably by supporting value driven innovation and enterprise
  • Prioritise maintaining and building New Zealand’s manufacturing sector
  • Further improve government procurement policy with an emphasis on working with New Zealand firms
  • Reform the Reserve Bank Act to reflect that New Zealand has an export dependent economy while creating a sensible exchange rate regime that serves New Zealand’s economic interests
  • Support initiatives to grow KiwiBank’s market share to 10% by supporting lending segments such as Agri-lending
  • Provide assistance in the marketing of new or innovative products and provide improved lower cost intellectual property protection for New Zealand based innovators
  • Continue to advocate for a comprehensive compulsory savings plan
  • Continue investing in regional New Zealand through the Provincial Growth Fund
  • Work with industry to develop strategies for productivity gains as a way to move towards improved productivity
  • Support and develop the ‘Buy New Zealand Made’ campaign and where practicable place ‘Buy New Zealand’ purchasing requirements on tax-payer and rate-payer owned businesses and state owned enterprises