As New Zealanders, we should be proud of our natural environment and treat it with the respect it deserves. New Zealand First believes the government must strike a fair balance between environmental stewardship and utilizing our natural resources. It is when this is done properly that good environmental policy becomes sound economic policy, helping New Zealanders get the most out of our environment while ensuring its longevity.


  • Support an evidence based approach to complex environmental issues where it is often challenging to achieve the correct balance
  • Advocate that government and industry work together to achieve better environmental outcomes¬†
  • Support the 1 billion trees strategy while ensuring that native species play an important part in the planting strategy
  • Address pollution of streams, rivers, and beaches
  • Halt creation of any new landfills and urgently advance work on the development of rubbish disposal alternatives through conducting a nationwide recycling and recovery strategy
  • Develop a nationwide Waste-to-Energy strategy.
  • Develop an easy to use, uncomplicated recycling labelling regime for food and drink packaging.¬†
  • Seek higher Crown levies on minerals extracted and return 25 percent of royalties to the regions of source
  • Work towards ensuring that the right to take and use water is available only to New Zealand people (citizens and permanent residents) and New Zealand owned companies
  • Ensure developers are responsible to the community when avoiding, remedying or mitigating adverse environmental effects