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Deputy Leader, New Zealand First candidate for Rotorua

Deputy Leader of New Zealand First, Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Under Secretary for Disarmament and Arms Control, and Under Secretary for Regional Economic Development, Deputy Chairperson of the Finance Select Committee.

Fletcher Tabuteau has been a member of New Zealand First since its inception. He believes that New Zealand First represents common sense and has always had a forthright and clear direction for New Zealand’s future encapsulated in the party’s name.

Growing up in Rotorua, Fletcher spent years working in the tourism industry.

He has worked in retail and ran his own consulting business specialising in marketing and business communications. For the last thirteen years he has been involved in education in Rotorua. Firstly in a Rotorua secondary school teaching everything from maths and social studies to economics and business in the senior school.

Fletcher, with his students, have won awards in both specialist areas - the Supreme Business Award in the National Young Enterprise Secondary Schools competition and a top placing in the Auckland University New Zealand Economics Competition.

He was also the head of the Future Pathways departments in conjunction with his role as senior Dean where he worked with his students to help them successfully work through their schooling and then transition from school and onto further education, trades training or the workplace.

Before entering Parliament in 2014 Fletcher has been working in the tertiary education environment heading the School of Business Management, running the business programmes. During this time he was part of a small team that developed qualifications at the post-graduate and masters levels, and was also a lecturer in the Bachelor of Applied Management degree, lecturing in economics and strategic Marketing.

 As part of this role he is part of two national committees, one managing the oversight of the delivery of the New Zealand Diploma of Business, and the second, a broader committee which has oversight of the range of business qualifications in the PTO and ITP sector of New Zealand.

In his own time Fletcher is a registered New Zealand Business Mentor where he helps local business owners learn how to make strategic business decisions for their own businesses and also how best to market their company to the public.

He is passionate about helping people to succeed and help people realise their own potential and make the best of their own opportunities.

Fletcher is married and has two daughters. Both he and his wife were born and raised in Rotorua. He has a strong family history in Rotorua and the surrounding districts, and is of Ngati Ngararanui, Ngati Rangiwewehi, and Ngati Whakaue descent.

Fletcher wants the best for the people of Rotorua and the government to make decisions in the best interests of New Zealander’s and New Zealand - not some right wing ideology and corporate interests alone. New Zealand First is the only vehicle through which Fletcher sees himself making a difference for his family, whanau, community and country.


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