Foreign Affairs and Trade & Exports

New Zealand First believes that our country must have an active role to play in international politics. We believe in promoting New Zealand’s interests and facilitating cooperation and trust between other nations. It is through our foreign policy that New Zealand gains fair free trade agreements, cooperation on pressing issues such as climate change, and sound representation of our citizens living abroad.



  • Explore the feasibility of introducing an exporters tax of 20% for new business or product lines
  • Remain strongly committed to New Zealand’s anti-nuclear policy
  • Further develop relationships within the greater Asia-Pacific region in recognition of its growing importance to New Zealand’s security and wellbeing
  • Continue to support the “Pacific reset” so money spent wisely now is money saved on any repairs and rebuilding in the future
  • Continue with the progress made on the free trade agreement with the United Kingdom as a larger part of advocating for closer Commonwealth Economic Relations
  • Work to advance trade relationships to ensure certainty of our supply chain and to establish agreements such as a ‘Commonwealth Connection’ trade agreement with the UK and commonwealth countries post Brexit
  • Encourage businesses to engage in import substitution 
  • Broaden the role of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to better enhance exporting prospects where we have a competitive advantage
  • Continue work towards establishing a full free trade agreement with the United States
  • Maintain our strong Foreign Affairs links to collaborate with our partners on border policy that is responsive to the economic and health needs of New Zealand.