Forestry holds immense future potential and we understand its importance for our regions. Throughout the last three years New Zealand First has championed forestry through establishing Te Uru Rakau Forestry Service and the One Billion Trees programme. New Zealand First will continue with the right tree, right place, right time vision and ensure the forestry sector is supported as we upscale training, professional development, nursery production, planting profiles, ancillary and support industries, processing, manufacturing, and exports.


  • Continue to support and fund the One Billion Trees programme
  • Ensure that New Zealand has the appropriate amount of nurseries to promote the One Billion Tree programme 
  • Increase the use of mapping technology so that low value, low productive land is prioritised in planting efforts
  • Support biodiversity by encouraging native tree planting targets through methods such as native tree nurseries 
  • Properly fund research to counter bio-security threats such as Kauri die-back and Myrtle Rust
  • Investigate the feasibility of a ‘New Zealand Native Tree Seed Bank’ and the greater use of ‘Native Tree Sanctuaries’ 
  • Continue to support Wood First initiatives as a way to further encourage the use of New Zealand wood in government and local government procurement 
  • Further promote training and pathways for careers in forestry through trades training, programmes, and scholarships