Greens co-leader under fire for blaming 'white cis men' for violence

The following article is a re-upload from One News.

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson has come under fire for making comments on the weekend that "white cis men" are the main perpetrators of violence in the world.


Davidson was approached by a member of the public on Saturday after attending the rally to oppose Posie Parker.

Capturing the exchange on video, the person asked what Davidson thought about Posie Parker being "violently assaulted" - having tomato juice tipped on her.

Davidson said she and those with her - which included fellow Green MP Jan Logie - were "here to reject the violence and hate of transphobia".

"We are here to raise love for our trans people and community above hate and I am so proud of the mobilising of people from across so many communities to stand in strong solidarity because trans people are terrific. Trans people are a taonga... trans people are true, trans people are fantastic, and trans people are tired of being oppressed and discriminated.

"I am a prevention violence minister, and I know who causes violence in the world. It is white cis men... who cause violence."

"Cis" is short for cisgender, which is the opposite of transgender. The term relates to a person whose gender identity corresponds with the sex assigned at birth.

Cisgender does not mean heterosexual. It relates to gender identity, not sexuality.

"Trans [people] are taonga. Trans women are women," Davidson continued.

"Te ao Māori was never so boring as binary. I am tangata whenua and I say transphobia is not welcome here."

Davidson said "ka kite" and walked away.

It is understood Davidson made the comments shortly after being hit by a motorcycle.

The comments prompted NZ First leader Winston Peters, fresh from his state of the nation speech last week, to call for Davidson's resignation as the minister "for the clear and outrageous statement... that ‘white straight [sic] men’ are the cause of violence".

"Her offensive, racist, and sexist remarks are typical of a minister who has lost any right and authority to hold her portfolio.

"This is peak madness."

Davidson is the Minister for Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence.

ACT Party leader David Seymour said Davidson needed to front up on the comments or resign.

He said Davidson could not be an effective minister if she could not get "basic facts right and instead chooses prejudice".

"If she can’t front up with evidence for her statement about white men and, she should resign."

He said the comments were "outrageous and extremely inappropriate for a Minister that is responsible for reducing family violence and harm".

“Family violence and harm does not discriminate and her obvious bias against one race is deeply troubling."

Quoting the Cabinet Manual, Seymour said no reasonable person could credibly claim that Davidson's comments "exercised a professional approach and good judgement".

Davidson has been approached for comment.