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Historic bill to end female genital mutilation

Jenny Marcroft MP, Spokesperson for Human Rights

New Zealand First welcomes the passage of the Crimes (Definition of Female Genital Mutilation) Amendment Bill today, which protects women and girls from abhorrent abuse.

It brings New Zealand in alignment with the World Health Organisation classification of female genital mutilation (FGM).

New Zealand First Spokesperson for Human Rights Jenny Marcroft MP is delighted the bill passed all remaining stages today, signalling that FGM is unacceptable in New Zealand.

Ms Marcroft, who co-sponsored the historic cross-party multi-members bill, says FGM in fact is utterly rejected in New Zealand.

“I am very proud to have been part of the very first cross-party multi-Member's Bill. This is historically significant for us as parliamentarians and as women. What we have in common, might not be our minds or ideologies - but our bodies.”

“The female body, which we are setting out to protect from powers who would seek to mutilate it in the name of religious tradition or culture.”

“No matter how rare the practice of FGM may be in our country it is our duty to protect women and girls from this emotional and physical abuse,” she said.

“This Bill will close the loopholes and hopefully see an end to the importation of this barbaric practice.”

“Our Parliament’s united effort to end all types of FGM in New Zealand will be appreciated by the diaspora communities affected by it. We want to empower women from migrant communities,” Ms Marcroft added.


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