Hold Trevor Mallard to account

The reason given by the Prime Minister for Speaker Trevor Mallard’s resignation is not the full truth and can be nothing other than an attempted cover-up.

On the 25th May the Speaker received a letter from the Solicitors of the Rt Hon Winston Peters concerning his decision to trespass Mr Peters and hundreds of others during February’s parliamentary protest.

In that letter, it was made clear that there would be court action taken against Mr Mallard if he did not provide specific explanations, documents, and referenced authority with which he, in a free and democratic society, trespassed hundreds of New Zealand citizens from the Nation’s Parliament.

Both Mallard and the Prime Minister knew that he was facing potential prosecution for his actions and can be no coincidence that the announcement of his resignation comes just two weeks after Mr Peters' Solicitor’s letter was sent to his office.

If the Prime Minister didn’t know, then Mallard has deliberately kept this information from her.

If the Prime Minister did know, then there can be no other explanation other than this is an attempt to cover-up Mallard’s behaviour and to allow the government to save face.

Mallard has brought the position of Speaker into disrepute by attempting to quietly retire to a diplomatic post without facing the consequences of his actions.

The fact that both the Prime Minister and Mallard believe he is still suitable for a diplomatic post after his diabolical behaviour throughout his tenure, is an affront to both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to New Zealand.

New Zealanders deserve better, and they deserve to know the truth - that is why, having sought replies from the Speaker that address the seriousness of this matter and failed, Rt Hon Winston Peters has now instructed his Solicitors to issue proceedings forthwith.

We need your support to help Winston hold Mallard to account on behalf of all kiwis.

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