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New Zealand First candidate for Northland

Minister for Regional Economic Development, Minister of Forestry, Associate Minister of Finance, Minister for Infrastructure, Associate Minister for State Owned Enterprises, Associate Minister of Transport

Matua Shane Jones returns to Parliament with New Zealand First in 2017 having already had a distinguished career in New Zealand public life.

His achievements while Minister for Building and Infrastructure include introducing a range of reforms aimed at simplifying the building consent process with a focus on simple and more affordable homes.

As chairperson of To Ohu Kaimoana (Maori Fisheries Commission) he negotiated a billion dollar fisheries settlement for indigenous tribes.

In various private sector roles he has negotiated commercial joint ventures for New Zealand companies in Asia and the Pacific.

He represented New Zealand at the UN SIDS (Small Island Developing States) conference in Samoa in 2014.

Most recently, Shane was the Ambassador for Pacific Economic Development and he has been an advocate and champion for key reforms in Pacific regional fisheries management.

He was also High Commissioner to Nauru, Seychelles and Mauritius.

Shane appreciates the value of diversity within organisations, not only in decision making processes but also in communicating policies and objectives externally and internally.

He has tirelessly pursued funding for provincial economic projects during this term in Government: to build critical infrastructure, support local businesses, and employ locals.

As a politician he is regarded as one of New Zealand’s most effective communicators.

He lives in Kerikeri with his fiancee Dot.


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