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New Zealand First candidate for Ohariu

Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister for Children, Minister for Seniors, and Associate Minister of Education.

Tracey was elected as a New Zealand First list Member of Parliament based in Warkworth in 2011.

With a background in the various administrative and fundraising committees of Helensville Playcentre, Mahurangi Kindergarten, Warkworth Primary School and Mahurangi College PTA’s, Tracey was successfully elected onto the Warkworth Primary School Board of Trustees in 2004, a position she held for seven years after re-election, holding policy and finance portfolios of the Board during this time.

Tracey resigned from the Warkworth Primary School Board in 2011 due in part to the introduction of National Standards.

Tracey ran and was successfully elected to the Board of Trustees of Mahurangi College in 2007 and during that term was elected Chair of the Finance sub-committee and the Board’s liaison to Te Whanau O Mahurangi, a support group for Maori, families, students and issues inside the school. Tracey was elected Chair of the Board in 2009 and currently retains that position.

Tracey is a member of the Education and Science Select Committee as well as working on specific bills at the Social Services Select Committee and the Justice and Electoral Select Committee.

A great believer in putting back into the community Tracey spent the majority of her pre-parliament time on parent based fund-raising and volunteer committees for Mahurangi Kindergarten, Warkworth Primary School and Mahurangi College.

Passionate about opportunities for youth employment, Tracey and her staff have worked with local businesses, schools, ITOs and government departments to create the Business Linked Internship Scheme.

Connectivity to greater Auckland, access to day surgery at the local surgical unit, recent developments around homelessness and being a member of the Warkworth Town Hall Restoration Trust are a few of the other local issues Tracey focuses on while addressing her spokesperson roles nationally for New Zealand First

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