Before the pandemic struck New Zealand faced an acute housing crisis marked by rapidly rising rents and house price escalation.  High immigration was fueling demand for housing.  A reduced demand for rentals and housing will alleviate housing pressures.  Those people struggling to rent or purchase a home will welcome this development.  More broadly, a rebalancing of the economy away from speculation on housing would be socially and economically beneficial.  

Home ownership and quality of housing is a fundamental component of ensuring that our nation can excel. It is an essential tool for ensuring equality in our society. New Zealand First believes that through direct government intervention, home ownership can become an integral part of each New Zealanders life. That is because regardless of circumstance, all New Zealanders should be able to live in a healthy, first-world home and have the opportunity to become home-owners. 


  • Encourage direct and long-term government participation in the housing market by establishing a Housing Commission to ensure a non-political approach in solving New Zealand’s housing issues
  • Continue to encourage the use of New Zealand expertise in prefabricated houses
  • Encourage private investment in high quality rental housing through options such as the tax system
  • Continue to build more social housing
  • Ensure the Resource Management Act is responsive to the needs of housing initiatives and not restricted by bureaucracy 
  • Provide low cost government funding to local authorities for new elderly persons housing and public rental housing projects through which long term 2% loan finance would be made available
  • Continue to implement, develop and refine New Zealand’s Housing Plan
  • Align the Residential Tenancy Act 1986 with the Building Code to ensure there is one standard for installation requirements of photo-electric smoke alarms
  • Investigate the option of families to capitalize on the Universal Family Benefit as a deposit on their first family home
  • Promote and implement innovative housing solutions on Maori title land using relocatable dwellings and appropriate changes to the Building Act
  • Support the retention of the 90-day ‘no cause’ eviction notices for landlords