New Zealand First strongly believes that investments in infrastructure must facilitate long-term benefits and be able to adapt with the fast-paced nature of our modern world. New Zealand should not be unnecessarily restricted by a lack of Government action or bureaucratic red tape. That is why we have and will continue to commit to investing in infrastructure in New Zealand beyond roads and bridges. New Zealand First will continue to support the New Zealand Infrastructure Commission to work through challenges such as skill and labour shortages, unclear regulations, and poor risk management. We will ensure that New Zealand has a visible, coordinated pipeline of infrastructure projects well into the future. 


  • Continue to support and resource the Infrastructure Commission
  • Investigate an infrastructure fund to ensure we have the long-term capital funds needed to address our infrastructure needs, especially in regional cities 
  • Establish a ‘Defence Infrastructure’ fund 
  • The Resource Management Act needs a radical urgent, overhaul to ensure that it’s fit for purpose.  The removal of unwarranted costs and delays must be at the forefront of this radical overhaul
  • Cut red tape by increasing the fast-track approval process from 2 years to 5 years and review the RMA to increase the number of shovel ready projects
  • Establish a Ministry for Works to address skill and labour shortage gaps 
  • Continue to support the Provincial Growth Fund in recognition of its ability to deliver infrastructure investment where it is most needed
  • Support moving ports of Auckland's operations to Northport