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John Hall, Candidate for Manurewa

John is currently Patron of Counties Manukau Rugby Union Juniors, Softball National Coach, Chief Umpire and has been a taxi driver since 1984. His work with Taxis United over the last 30 years has put an emphasis on transporting special needs children. John has been a resident of Manurewa for 63 years and has been able to see the future for our youth in many different areas.

He has been a supporter of NZ FIRST since day one, as a father and community person, he is standing as a candidate to help contribute to the future.

John believes New Zealand First will be the party that helps us all, the proof is in our outcomes. He supports the party's work to rebuild our small towns and provincial cities.

Government cuts in education, jobs and support programs, for parents, and children have been detrimental to our communities. These have placed unnecessary pressures on our teachers, schools and community. 

John has worked with many community groups of volunteers from sports clubs, churches and employers in Manurewa who have been seriously affected by the cuts. Manurewa under NZ First will be able to put policy in place to turn this attitude around: changing the attitude of those in power who do not worry about the average person, our parents work really hard not only as parents but as good employees or employers.

With 85,000 residents in the Manurewa area, John is adamant about the need to set goals for our children and community. New Zealand First has set policies in place to move forward to achieve these outcomes. While he believes this will not be easy, he knows it can be done.


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