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Joshua Gunn, Candidate for Invercargill

Having returned to New Zealand in 2018, after years of working abroad in the aerospace sector, Joshua Gunn says he is proud to live once again in New Zealand. He lives in the Invercargill electorate, where he appreciates having New Zealand’s rugged natural beauty on his doorstep - allowing him and his wife to balance their professional lives with our passion for outdoor pursuits.

Joshua's experience living and working abroad in many different countries have taught him the importance of pragmatic governance. He is a supporter of sensible immigration policy that supports mutually beneficial outcomes for New Zealand and new immigrants.

He also believes that New Zealand’s manufacturing and primary industries hold strategic importance to our future prosperity.

Joshua is proud to represent New Zealand First as a candidate in the 2020 election for the Invercargill electorate and is looking forward to championing the party's common-sense policies for the benefit of all New Zealanders.


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