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National and Labour play politics with First Responders' lives

Darroch Ball MP, Spokesperson for Law and Order

National and Labour have conducted a dodgy backroom deal to kick the ‘Protection for First Responders and Prison Officers Bill’ back to select committee with no debate or consultation.

“The fact that ‘poor drafting’ has been used as an excuse by both National and Labour to send it back to select committee without debate is as weak as it is ridiculous. The Justice Select Committee spent six months analysing the Bill and at no point did they have an issue with the drafting nor did they even produce a report, says New Zealand First spokesperson for Law and Order, Darroch Ball.

“The only issue that was highlighted from both parties was the provision included in the bill of a minimum mandatory sentence. At least Labour voted against it, but National didn’t want to look ‘sopping wet’ and orchestrated this disgraceful, antidemocratic, sham of a backroom deal, says Mr Ball

“The Bill was introduced in 2018 and we have to spend another six months deliberating before we get any traction on backing our First responders.

“Meanwhile hundreds of our St John paramedics, corrections officers, police officers and emergency department nurses continue to get assaulted every week – while National and Labour continue to play politics.”


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