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New Zealand First pledges $25 million for new Marine Biology Facility in Tauranga

New Zealand First has announced $25 million to help build a world class Marine Biology facility in the city of Tauranga.

Tauranga is well known for being a centre for excellence in the science, tech and innovation space, home to innovative standouts such as 3D Printed Titanium products manufacturer TiDA and Newnham Park Innovation. 

“Building a world class Marine Biology facility in Tauranga will support and attract talent locally to support New Zealand’s long-term economic survival,” said Leader of New Zealand First Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“We need to support facilities that create world leading science that benefits, not just this region but also New Zealand as a whole. This will allow us to learn, grow and develop skills that create opportunities to add value to exports.”

This announcement further supports New Zealand First’s pledge to make $100 million available to Aquacorp to support off shore marine farming.

“Aquaculture has demonstrated immense potential and we need to back it with the science and people too. The science and innovation with seaweed as an Agri-feed to reduce carbon emissions or used as a biofuel or fertilizer is being worked on and is critical for this sector to grow and develop.

“We will ensure that the pioneering work in the Marine Science space that Professor Chris Battershill is doing with his innovative and dynamic team is supported by the next Government,” said Mr Peters.


Rt Hon Winston Peters, Leader of New Zealand First

[email protected]

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