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New Zealand First pledges support for more prisoner training programmes

New Zealand First today pledged support for more prisoner programmes across the country to help prisoners rejoin society by building their skills and expertise through training and support initiatives.

“We know that prisoners with steady work, support and new skills have a far better chance at rejoining society and providing a positive contribution to their families and communities.

“Training programmes decrease reoffending rates, and keep people from returning to prison upon their release,” said Mr Peters.

“KiwiRail has launched its “Second-Steppers” programme with funding from the government, reintegrating prisoners back into Northland’s community,” said Mr Peters.

“New Zealand First has been a long time advocate of initiatives like this. We have supported the Howard League’s prison drivers programme, adult literacy classes and the Greyhound Great Mates Prison Programme. If elected, we pledge to work with Corrections, and fund more of these and similar programmes across the country.”

“New Zealand First commits to working with penal reform advocates, to provide the funding, the support required for sound rehabilitation programmes.”


Rt Hon Winston Peters, Leader of New Zealand First

[email protected]

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