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New Zealand First promise to increase St John ambulance funding

New Zealand First has today committed to providing St John Ambulance with all the funding they require, if elected in this year's election.

The Rt Hon Winston Peters said St John's services are stretched, and that they desperately need further government funding.

St John already receives funding of 72 per cent of its operating costs from the Ministry of Health and ACC, with the remainder funded through patient charges and donations, but Mr Peters said the government should be doing more.

"The St John ambulance professionals save and protect New Zealanders everyday," he said.

"They do a stellar job and it is time that the government was there to back them. Our ambulance services need help and New Zealand First will back their future."

New Zealand First announced their intent to campaign on this issue in February, saying "we will strive to do everything in our power following the election to deliver a secure path for their future". 

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