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New Zealand First renews commitment to Telford

New Zealand First Leader Rt Hon Winston Peters visited Telford this morning to renew its commitment to Telford and the agricultural sector.

“We’re are proud that Mark Patterson played a lead role in keeping the gates open at the Telford Agricultural Training centre and assisting with the retention of the world class sheep genomics’ unit at Invermay near Mosgiel,” said Mr Peters.

“Our Party policy is to properly support and fund these critical tertiary and vocational education institutions, as losing centres such as these would be a devastating loss to the region and the wider agriculture sector. Not to mention the hundreds of potential job losses that would put the livelihoods of families in this region at unnecessary risk.”

“Telford is essential in helping to provide the additional 25,000 trained workers that the dairy industry is estimated to need by 2025.”

“As well as core farming skills in agriculture, apiculture and wool technology, this will create opportunities within the forestry, engineering and construction industries which are vital to our ongoing economic success and productivity.”

In a post COIVD world, agriculture institutions such as Telford are more important than ever in ensuring the long term sustainability, and providing a world class work force, in the agriculture and apiculture sectors,” said Mr Peters.


Rt Hon Winston Peters, Leader of New Zealand First

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