News: Iwi water boards anti-democratic says NZ First

Former MP Shane Jones says if New Zealand First has anything to do with the next Government, the most noxious elements of the three waters reforms will be gone before the hangi is out of the ground.

He says what should have been a simple fix for how the country’s fresh water and sewerage infrastructure is funded has been used as a cover for a constitutional revolution.

It will give tribes in an area more authority than elected councillors, including elected councillors in the new Māori wards.

“Not only do I find that diminishing of the Māori who have just run the race and suffered the risks of being elected or unelected – you may have well stayed at home and at the back of the marae in the kāuta, you can put your hand up and have more authority than an elected councillor. I don’t agree with that, never will,” Mr Jones says.