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NZ First the lone voice calling for Christchurch mosque gunman to be sent to Australia

New Zealand First is the lone voice in Parliament calling for the Christchurch terrorist to see out his sentence in Australia.

Winston Peters applauded the sentencing, saying that it matched the depravity of the terrorist's crimes against the Islamic community and all New Zealanders.

But he said the cost of keeping Brenton Tarrant in isolation should fall on the country that raised him.

"I don't think the New Zealand taxpayers, after all this misery, should go ahead and be mugged and brutalised a second time year upon year at enormous cost," he said.

Earlier this month it was revealed the special security measures will cost $3.6 million over two years.

Mr Peters accepted it would be complicated but said it was a complication worth sorting through.

"If we've got to pass legislation to make it happen, if we've got to go to the Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to request it we should.

"Given the recent expulsions of New Zealanders out of Australia, some of whom only arrived there when they were three or four years of age and all their formative years were shaped by the Australia culture and system, I would've thought that's the least he could do," Mr Peters said.

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