The continued safety of our communities rest firmly on the capabilities and resourcing of our police. New Zealand First has and continues to advocate for a police workforce that has the necessary funding, training, and personnel so that our police can meet the challenges of our growing population, and adapt to the many needs of our communities in the modern age.


  • Commit to recruiting a further 1000 new frontline police alongside the 2335 new frontline police we have already trained since the last election
  • Review Police pay and conditions with the goal of achieving parity with the Australian Police
  • Ensure that there is staffing available to eliminate sole charge police stations
  • Focus on crime prevention and working with the community
  • Adequately resource community policing including Maori and Pasifika wardens, and Neighbourhood Watch
  • Conduct an independent review on arming the police
  • Provide minimum mandatory prison terms for assaulting Police Officers
  • Double the number of Youth Aid officers
  • Introduce a ‘Youth Justice Demerit Points’ system to provide structure and early intervention for youth offenders. There must be accountability, an offender needs to know there will be consequences but also every opportunity to change their behaviours
  • Review fleeing driver legislation and ensure adequate resourcing to curb the exponential increase in fleeing driver incidents