From the Campaign Trail

Here are policies we've announced on our 'Back Your Future' Tour:

Committed to Back the Future of Tiwai Point

  • We are committed to a 20-year agreement to save the aluminium smelter.
  • There will be a 10-year review of the agree, with a fair electricity cost based on the cost of supply and a respectable margin. 

Pledged our support for Agricultural Training Institutes such as Telford in Balclutha to continue operating

  • Primary industry will help New Zealand's COVID-19 recovery, requiring 25,000 dairy jobs before 2025.
  • These institutions will provide training in agriculture, forestry, apiculture, etc.


Support for Prisoner Training Programmes like that at Ngawha Prison

  • We will support prisoners to develop skills to be productive and better integrate into society.
  • PGF investment in the likes of the Howard Driving Programme has demonstrated the benefits of prisoner training.
  • As we train the unemployed, supporting prisoner training programmes will assist with reintegration into society.

$100 million invested into Aquaculture through Aquacorp

  • Aquaculture has the potential to be a $3bn industry by 2035 and already provides 3,000 jobs in the regions
  • The PGF investment in Opotiki Mussels has already demonstrated the entity works
  • Touted to be the ‘Marine Landcorp’, Aquacorp receive $100m and will partner with industry to invest in off-shore marine farming.


Capitalise Air New Zealand with obligations to regional New Zealand

  • Our National carrier is 52% government owned and is about to draw on a $900 million loan.
  • The Government should re-nationalise or increase equity in Air NZ with obligations to service regional routes.

Fully Fund St John to the level they require and need

  • Our ambulance service operation expenses are funded to 72% by the Ministry of Health and ACC.
  • Historical pressures have meant that pay disputes, cost-cutting initiatives, and threats to service levels are on the horizon
  • New Zealand First was able to secure short term funding while sustainable model was produced
  • We will fund St John up to the 90% that is requested. This will provide certainty of funding for a critical service that saves kiwi lives everyday.


Pledge $10 million support to mental health programme 'Gumboot Friday'

  • Many young New Zealanders take their own lives as they struggle with mental health issues.
  • Gumboot Friday is an initiative that provides kids and young Kiwis with choice and access to the help they need fast.
  • New Zealand First will support 'Gumboot Friday' with $10 million in funding over three years towards the cost of providing free counselling and all administration costs.
  • Admin costs will be capped at 9 per cent which means 91 cents of every dollar will be spent directly towards counselling.