Regional Economic Development

For decades Regional New Zealand has been overlooked and neglected by successive governments. However, during our time in government New Zealand First has delivered the greatest per capita regional investment platform – the Provincial Growth Fund. Investing in our regions has long been a focus of our party as we look to unleash the economic potential of provincial communities and industries. Primary Industry and the role that the regions play is an essential part of our Covid-19 recovery. The Provincial Growth Fund will continue to be a core part of our role in government as we further address regional neglect.


  • Continue the $1 billion per annum Provincial Growth Fund
  • Relocate government agencies and functions to regional New Zealand
  • Support rural communities, businesses and exporters with continued investment in regional roads, rail, ports, airports and freight facilities
  • Continue to resource vital rural infrastructure such as schools, healthcare, reliable electricity supply, internet and mobile coverage
  • Commit to moving Ports of Auckland operations to Northport
  • Seek higher Crown levies on minerals extracted and return 25 per cent royalties to the source regions
  • Support the pilot of ‘regional banking hubs’ and seek to expand their use including amalgamation with other services such as post offices
  • Encourage internal tourism through a ‘See New Zealand First’ campaign
  • Implement policies such as a ‘National Interest Test’ to keep key strategic assets and New Zealand farmland in New Zealand hands
  • Improve rural connectivity through funding smaller local internet service providers to fill in remote area gaps
  • Continue to support regional marine facilities such as Tarakohe Wharf, Sugarloaf Wharf, and the Opotiki Harbour
  • Ensure that there is clear reference to infrastructure continuing to back Water Storage outcomes for those areas affected by adverse weather
  • Commit to developing a dry dock facility for international, domestic and Defence shipping needs in Northland