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Renew your New Zealand First membership below. With the upcoming election, your support is vital to ensuring New Zealand First returns to Parliament and brings back balance to New Zealand. With your continued support we can ensure that everyday kiwis once again have a strong and experienced voice in Parliament

The annual membership fee is $10.00 and renews on the 31st of December each year. Any additional amount given by you will be gratefully received as a donation. You can contribute as a one off payment or a recurring monthly payment.

Operating outside of Parliament means that we do not have the taxpayer funding that Labour, National, Act, Greens and the Maori Party have to promote policy and to advocate for you. 

Your generosity will fund our day-to-day operations and build our 2023 General Election campaign fund. 

New Zealand First isn't backed by big business or unions, and we rely on our grassroots members like you for financial support. 

Should you encounter any issues during this process, or you would like to pay by bank transfer, please contact our membership team at [email protected].

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