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Robert Monds, Candidate for Papakura

Robert Monds is a former Director of New Zealand First and is standing for Papakura for the first time.

Having grown up in South Auckland, he sees untapped potential in our communities, with a personal emphasis on nurturing access to education pathways which lead to gainful employment opportunities.

Having joined the Party while studying at Auckland University, he believes in the benefit for more youth involvement in our political processes.

In the Party, he helped push for the creation of Young New Zealand First to reflect this youth voice, and mentor others into engaging politically. His other areas of interest include urban planning and transport.

With an emphasis on more affordable and usable public transport investment, and a desire to see more effective use for housing and productive space, all of which are in dire need of addressing in Auckland.

His interests outside politics include a multitude of sports and exploring New Zealand’s natural environments.


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