Small Business

New Zealand First supports all aspects of small business. They are the backbone of growth, employment, and community in our country and New Zealand First believes that government should support them. The COVID-19 crisis hit small businesses the hardest, making them more vulnerable than during and after the Global Financial Crisis. That is why we believe government should be at the forefront of ensuring it is doing everything it can to support small businesses in becoming profitable once again. Providing opportunity and incentive to grow and improve productivity.



  • Continue to support the nation-wide roll-out of ultra-fast broadband and support initiatives for electronic learning and upskilling of vocational skills
  • Redefine small to medium enterprise from 19 employees to 50 full-time equivalent staff
  • Negotiate for the full reinstatement of the 90 day trial programme or at least expand its reach to more small businesses.
  • Provide further support for business linked internships helping bridge the gap between industry and training
  • Investigate the feasibility of a digital CV scheme to help employers and job-seekers during the hiring process
  • Continue to streamline the tax exemptions so that they are simplified
  • Convene a cluster to establish once and for all what the ‘red tape’ challenges are that hold all small businesses back and then work to remove them
  • Assist with the cost of staff training and apprenticeships in the workplace