New Zealand First supports land, air, and sea links that build an integrated transport system while improving regional connectivity. Transport funding and planning can no longer be urban focused only, due to its importance as an enabler of economic growth in the regions. Considerable work has already been done to ensure transport is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable while also being fit for future use.


  • Utilise New Zealand’s coastal shipping capabilities through championing initiatives such as “Blue Highways” and expanding our Merchant Fleet 
  • Build an inshore fishing vessel industry further capitalising on New Zealand as a maritime nation with emphasis on establishing these industries in our regions (Whanganui, Taranaki)
  • Continue to develop infrastructure and projects that help incentivise the use of electric vehicles in New Zealand
  • Create incentives that encourage businesses to electrify their vehicle fleets as well as depreciation measures to support a second-hand electric vehicle market in New Zealand
  • Not allow our roads to be privatised or corporatized 
  • Further support policies that ensure our whole road network is properly funded so that regional New Zealand does not lose out in favour of our main centres 
  • Ensure access to quality, affordable public transport for people in all major population centres, and in regional areas where there is a need
  • Continue to support regional rail initiatives and complete geotech research on re-opening the Wairoa to Gisborne rail line
  • Secure funding to build a rail spur from Puhinui station to Auckland airport
  • Build and complete the Marsden spur linking Northport to the Northland rail-line 
  • Full rebuild and improvements to the Christchurch-Picton rail corridor