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Winston Peters claims officials 'covering their butts' over Auckland COVID-19 outbreak

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has again suggested the Auckland COVID-19 cluster started from a breach at the border despite.

Asked by Magic Talk's Peter Williams if he still believed the outbreak came from the border despite officials not yet determining the source, Peters said, "They're doing their best to cover their butt".

Genomic sequencing hasn't found a link to positive cases at the border and environmental testing has ruled out the coronavirus came to New Zealand via frozen packaging. 

"We're back now to the most obvious and elementary answer - it happened at our border," Peters said on Tuesday. "It happened because our border security wasn't what it should have been.

"It happened because we didn't put the military in nearly early enough and we're never strict enough."

"When we said we went early and went hard, yes we went early but we didn't go hard the way we should have," he said.

Last month, the Government boosted the number of New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) personnel at managed isolation and quarantine facilities in the wake of the outbreak.

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