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Winston Peters on the current National Party situation: "It's chaos"

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has ridiculed the National Party "circus", with the politician saying it was in "chaos" after the resignation of another MP.

Rangitata MP Andrew Falloon announced on Monday he would retire from politics after he allegedly sent inappropriate pornographic images to a young woman.

Following a speech to the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, Mr Peters let rip on the National Party.

"It's chaos and 19 people have just signalled that they've got no confidence in them winning and my message to the audience today is why have you?" he told media.

"You know it was a circus. Four leaders in three years. You cannot walk out of a circumstance like that and say we've got a united team. Within 24 hours of making that statement, another one has bitten the dust, sad to say."

There have been 19 National MPs who have either left Parliament or signaled their desire to do so, over the last two years. Their current leader Judith Collins is also the fourth leader of their Party in three years, succeeding Sir Bill English, Simon Bridges, and most recently, Todd Muller.

Mr Falloon is alleged to have sent the images after heavy drinking and when questioned on whether Parliament had a culture problem in regard to alcohol and mental health. Mr Peters said he believed that "is just magnified fiction in that context".

"Parliament has dramatically changed on that score from years ago. In that context, it has changed for the better," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

"You have a cacophony of collapse in the National Party that stretches out to the rest. You have frontbenchers coming and going, coming out of retirement, going back into retirement as though this is some sort of a career choice. It is meant to be a public service and they don't get it," Mr Peters added.

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