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Wrapping up 2021

Wrapping up 2021

For New Zealand First, 2021 was a year to regroup, reconnect, and refresh the Party. This meant spending time outside of the public eye, reviewing the 2020 election and getting to work on improving our organisational structure. Early on we hit the road and went across the country to meet hundreds of our loyal members and supporters so they could participate and have their say.

As we looked internally, New Zealanders could see what the so-called ‘handbrake’ meant and what value New Zealand First brought to government. We completed our reviews and in June we held our Annual General Meeting where the Party delegates accepted the campaign review and constitutional changes. Decisions were made about a way forward and a restructure was needed.

While we focused our efforts internally, reconnecting with members and solidifying our Party structure, New Zealanders started to experience what the 2020 election result truly meant; a majority government that has no coalition partner to moderate and balance their political agenda. Within months, many of the very policies we had blocked were put back on the table and pushed through, and the areas we had championed were suddenly put on life support.

  • Electric car feebate and ute tax
  • Removal of ratepayers’ right to veto introduction of Maori wards
  • Taxpayer payout for Ihumatao
  • The expensive Auckland light rail abomination
  • The mighty Provincial Growth Fund reduced to a tokenistic regional deficit fund
  • Back tracking on our Defence force capability spend
  • Recruitment halt for frontline police officers

Labour also continues to take credit for those initiatives of New Zealand First that enjoy ongoing success.

  • The Opotiki mussel farm - largest in the world
  • Extending free doctors’ visits by 56,000 under 14 yr olds 
  • Building new rail workshops in Dunedin and Christchurch
  • Reducing red tape to boost housing supply
  • Increased funding to community law centres
  • Funding for New Zealand’s ambulance services
  • Fairer superannuation system 

New Zealand First, back into the political arena 

Rt Hon Winston Peters gave a fiery speech to conclude our Party AGM and announced that we will be back to contest the 2023 election. Our democracy is strong when a wide range of views are advocated and represented in Parliament and in wider political debate. Mr Peters has been increasingly active since our AGM and we’ve gained more and more traction with bringing our message to New Zealanders.

Commentators have sought New Zealand First’s position across a wide range of topics, ranging from our Covid recovery, 25 years of MMP, our international relationships, Iwi roadblocks, lack of preparation for the Delta variant,  three waters, and the absence of our key policy initiatives. Here is a summary of some key political commentary from New Zealand First:

Rt Hon Winston Peters

June: Speech to AGM - We’re coming back

September: Q+A - AUKUS pact and Covid-19 response 
October: MR - Auckland Light Rail: another cost blowout

November: NewstalkZB - Slams Government Lockdown tactics

November: Electoral Commission webinar - 25 Years of MMP

November: AM Show - Commentary on the National Party leadership

November: MR - Vaccine choice: Freedom, Liberty, and personal responsibility

December: NewstalkZB - Iwi checkpoints 

Hon Shane Jones

November: NewstalkZB - Northland’s Economy needs Aucklanders
December: Newshub - Māori need to take some responsibility for their own health.
December: NZ Herald - There is a difference between NZ First and Iwi Labour


Lloyd Burr on Winston Peters

Looking toward the next election

Our board and volunteers have been hard at work on the party restructure, establishing regional committees and the Members’ Council. Our election preparation focuses on fundraising, recruitment, event planning, outreach, and networking at the local level. With the new structure in place, regional committees will be a key support to any current and prospective volunteers, members, and supporters throughout the wider party.

We rely on the contributions of every day New Zealanders to have both the resources and personnel needed to coordinate, lead, and communicate to more kiwis across our communities.

We need your support to do this and you can either join the party, donate funds, or volunteer your time and expertise. 

Help us bring back New Zealand First, so we can share our vision for our country to as many kiwis as possible. 

Make a difference -  Volunteer or donate. 

New Zealand needs stability. Our balance, experience and common sense are crucial to the future prosperity of our country. Keep connected and contribute to the New Zealand First movement. 

Click below to join the party.

For those who have the time and expertise to offer, we have restructured the party to utilise volunteer effort as much as possible, making up for the massive tax-payer funded staffing that Parliamentary political parties receive.

Click below to volunteer your skills. 

You can also help by making a financial contribution - whether it be $100, $50, or $30 - so that we can spread our message to as many kiwis as possible.

Click below to contribute to our campaign.

New Zealand needs stability. Our balance, experience and common sense are crucial to the future prosperity of our country.

With your help, we can bring back New Zealand First.

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