Budget 2024 - Shifting gears

The coalition government’s Budget 2024 was released on Thursday, and New Zealand First is celebrating the crucial policy initiatives we secured. 

Bold steps are needed to give our country the reset it so desperately needs. 

It is clear that this Government takes its fiscal responsibilities seriously. The savings achieved by reducing wasteful spending, and investing in our frontline services and infrastructure are what will ensure New Zealand can progress towards a more stable and prosperous future. 

As outlined in our initial Budget 2024 email update, New Zealand First’s priorities are reflected in the following overarching achievements: 

  • $226.1 million over four years to deliver 500 extra frontline police officers and give them the tools they need to keep kiwis and their communities safer 
  • $1.2 billion for the Regional Infrastructure Fund, to get provincial New Zealand thriving again  
  • $65 million over four years to maintain the Apprenticeship Boost scheme, and savings of $877 million by changing the First Year Fees Free to Final Year Fees Free for tertiary study 
  • A $1.7 billion dollar funding boost to PHARMAC to ensure continued access to the medicines kiwis rely on 

In addition to the above, there are many more highlights that we are happy to confirm: 

  • $69 million to address serious youth offending, including a military-style academy pilot, and continuing the Fast Track Youth Offending Programme run by Oranga Tamariki and the Police 
  • $8.86 million over four years to implement measures to crackdown on gangs 
  • $803 million to respond to the increase in the prison population 
  • $4 million over four years to veteran services, including enabling the reinstatement of discretionary Veterans Independence Programme services 
  • $31.1 million to gradually extend free breast screening for up to 40,000 screening sessions each year 
  • $19 million for Coastguard and $44 million for Surf Lifesaving New Zealand 
  • $2.68 billion into roading and rail infrastructure, including $200 million to support KiwiRail 
  • $200 million into flood resilience infrastructure as part of the Regional Infrastructure Fund 

New Zealand First committed to doing the hard yards to fix our broken country. Along with our coalition partners, we are committed to restoring law and order, easing the cost of living, and providing better public health and education infrastructure to kiwis. 

We oppose ideologies that hinder practical solutions. 

We are bringing commonsense and balance to government. 

We are rebuilding our country for the many, not the few. 

New Zealand First is on a mission, and we are only just getting started. 

Watch Rt Hon Winston Peters Deliver his full budget day speech below: