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Become a new member of New Zealand First as we strive to put our country, and our people, first again.

Joining or renewing is a short and simple process.

Complete the online form using a unique email address.

Memberships renew on the 31st of December each year and the annual subscription fee is $10.00. Any amount given above that will be gratefully received as a donation.

Why join New Zealand First

New Zealand First was formed in 1993 to represent New Zealanders concerned about the social and economic direction of our country. 

Today, New Zealand First is a party that focusses on pragmatism and common sense in the wake of extreme political ideological and bureaucratic capture of successive governments. 

Our team work hard across the country to ensure our principles and policy are represented in Parliament by building our movement at a local and national level. 

What can I do as a member?

As a grassroots movement, New Zealand First is committed to representing forgotten New Zealanders and advocating for support by connecting with the various communities across the country.

We provide opportunities for our members to be involved in campaigns, local events, policy formulation, or to take on leadership or governance positions to advance the party.

We appreciate that many members and supporters choose to support from the sidelines while those who engage can make long lasting friendships and valuable networks. 


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