Beginning the third decade of the 21st century is proving a challenge for New Zealanders. COVID 19 is still with us and will be for a considerable time.

The economic fallout of COVID, here and abroad, has been dramatic. Worldwide 2.5 million COVID victims have died. Cures, remedies, and oral alternatives are still at a very early stage. The political impact worldwide has been varied with unpredictable consequences.

What is foreseeable is that how politicians and parties respond to old and new challenges will reset the future political landscape. How we in New Zealand First respond to our latest setback is critical. Having met all our debts, we must now rebuild again for one more beginning.


Rt Hon Winston Peters



We are already three months into 2021 and there has been a lot of work being done by the board, sub-committees, electorates, and grass-roots membership. As you all are well aware it is an important process that we are currently working through for the Party.

Not only are we reviewing the 2020 election campaign, the membership process, and communication pathways, but we are also reviewing our constitution which will act as the foundation for our Party moving forward.

New Zealand First has eyes firmly focussed on the upcoming AGM which will act as an all-important gathering for our loyal members to re-group, make important decisions, and move forward in unity towards 2023.

We have had very positive signs with many new members joining our party, as well has our loyal members in electorates across the country being active and chomping at the bit to get more involved.

It is important for members, now more than ever, to back our party, get involved with changes that are occurring, and taking ownership of where you want our party to be.

Registrations are now open for the AGM in June – it is most important that we see you all there.


Kind Regards

Darroch Ball


What’s happening in New Zealand First?

From the Secretary-General Holly Howard

As a party we have hit the ground running in 2021.

It has been so encouraging to see so many electorate committees coming back together strongly after a well-earned break over Christmas. Our board has been working hard in the background, on a comprehensive work plan to be rolled out between now and the AGM in June.

This program is designed to allow us as a party to reflect on what has happened and to aid us in moving forward constructively as we look to 2023. As part of this, the board has initiated the campaign review, as well as a constitutional review.

A new membership system is being designed and implemented, with thanks to Julian Paul and his team; and the annual and post-election compliance work is well underway. All members are invited to actively participate in the consultation process for this work program.

This will be done digitally via online surveys, but you will also have the opportunity to voice your feedback in a series of regional meetings that have been planned to be held in Palmerston North, Tauranga, Auckland and Christchurch.

The final reports across all work programs will be presented to members at the party AGM, to be held in Auckland on 19th and 20th June. The work that is being done now is designed to keep the membership, their needs and their views central, recognising that it is our members that make our party what it is.

This is a critical time in our party’s history, and I do hope as many members as possible will be able to attend our AGM as we collectively make decisions that will ensure the party is in a strong position to move into this next phase.

Thank you all for your ongoing commitment.


The Board appoints a special advisor - Anne Martin

The New Zealand First Board resolved to appoint a special advisor as it looks to the future.

Anne Martin is a Life member and a founding member of the party 27 years ago. Ms Martin has deep experience with New Zealand First standing as a candidate in 1993, 1999 and 2001.

She was also Party Secretary during 2008 - 2011 when the Party was out of Parliament.

She also served as Party President from 2013 to 2015, with a successful general election campaign in 2014.

New Zealand First will benefit from having someone with such broad and deep experience and institutional knowledge supporting this Board’s initiatives.

General Election Campaign Review Committee

The General Election Campaign Review Committee has been formed to review various aspects of New Zealand First’s 2020 general election efforts. The committee will facilitate feedback sessions at the regional member’s meetings and interview a broad range of teams and individuals involved in the election campaign.

The committee will report its findings to the 2021 Conference and Annual General Meeting. Constitution Review Committee The party has an opportunity to review its constitution and ensure that it is fit for purpose.

The Constitution Review Committee will also facilitate feedback sessions at the upcoming regional member’s meetings and present its recommendations at the 2021 Conference and AGM. The committees are chaired by President Darroch Ball.

The committees may be contacted at; [email protected] [email protected]

Regional Member’s Meetings

Throughout March and April, a series of regional meetings will be held that is open to all active New Zealand First members.

The meetings will be attended by the Party President and Secretary-General and Regional Board members. The meetings are an opportunity for the members to hear from the Party leadership and to provide feedback on the party reviews.

Palmerston North Saturday 13 March from 11am to 4pm.
Venue: Hancock Community House, 77-85 King Street

Tauranga Saturday 20 March from 11am to 4pm.
Venue: Greerton Seniors Hall, Maitland Street

Christchurch Saturday 10 April from 12pm to 4pm.
Venue: Sydenham Room, South Library, 66 Colombo Street

Auckland Sunday 18 April from 2pm to 5pm.
Venue: Remuera Club, Ohinerau Street, Remuera

New Zealand First Party Conference & AGM
Location: Waipuna Highbrook Conference Suites, 66 Highbrook

Your continued support and participation is essential as New Zealand First looks toward the future.

Now is the time to renew your membership to have input into decisions that will shape the future of our party.

  • General Election Campaign Review report back
  • Constitution Review committee recommendations
  • New Zealand First Board elections

Located at the Waipuna Highbrook Conference Suites, it is conveniently situated next to Quest Highbrook accommodation.

Book now by phoning 09 222 0160 Register for the convention online by visiting or contact [email protected] Conference cost is $150 for both days.

Meet our Regional Directors

Membership Secretary: Julian Paul [email protected] PO Box 406, Feilding, 4770

Please renew your New Zealand First membership for the 2021/2022 year.

Renew or sign-up online at If you need assistance please contact [email protected] Not a current member? Sign up now for the 2021-2022 member year.

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