Maori Party Is 'The Pot Calling The Kettle White'

“The Māori Party announcing that they are not standing in the Tauranga by-election because it is a ‘safety issue’ due to ‘racism’ is a ridiculous insult to the voters and just plain wrong,” says Rt Hon Winston Peters Leader of New Zealand First.

“The Māori Party accusing Tauranga residents as being racist is the ‘pot calling the kettle white’.”

“The ignorance of the history of the electorate is palpable.”

“In 1984 Tauranga elected just the fifth ever Māori MP into a general seat and have had an MP of Māori ancestry for thirty-five out of the last thirty-eight years.  Perhaps they could explain how that could possibly be true in a ‘dangerous’, ‘racist’ electorate.”

“Kiwis are growing sick and tired of the constant race-baiting from the likes of the Māori Party and their fellow cultural cronies to get superficial click-bait headlines.”

“They seem to forget that representation in parliament means to represent everyone no matter what race, gender, colour, or creed – but perhaps that  doesn’t suit their race-based narrative.”