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Mark Arneil, Christchurch Central Candidate

Mark Arneil is a 58 year old married father of 3 who lives in St Albans. He was raised in Taupo, attended Taupo-nui-a-tia College and graduated from Waikato University. His father was a rural stock agent and mother a secretary. He and his sister were taught early on that by having a loving family, good education, working hard, saving and living within your means, it was possible to achieve your goals. 

Mark is an accomplished hospitality and recreation & events manager. His experience spans the globe and includes running large and complex operations in the corporate, private, local government and not-for-profit sectors. He owned a successful hospitality & leisure consulting business. All these roles highlight his strong operational management and leadership skills and his ability to navigate large complex organisations to positively impact organisational performance or community outcomes.

Returning to New Zealand five years ago, he was struck by the level of inequality and the advent of a new class of “working poor” who see no avenue for getting ahead, let alone owning a home.

He was alarmed by the cost of living in a country overflowing with primary produce; the deterioration of public services and the lack of investment in infrastructure to keep pace with the unfettered population growth.

He was appalled by the government’s obsession with a low wage workforce at the expense of training young New Zealanders and their cavalier attitude that put profit before people and the environment; its lack of compassion towards the elderly, infirm and those “doing it tough”, and their ongoing nonchalance towards the sale of land and primary businesses to foreign interests.

Mark and his family moved to Christchurch to make a difference. He has an immense amount of career and life experiences to offer New Zealand. 

He believes and wants a more egalitarian, inclusive and just society where New Zealand’s environmental, economic and sovereign rights are vigorously protected. He believes in New Zealand being a responsible Pacific leader and protector.

He wants today’s and future generations to be healthy and happy, to receive quality health care and education, to be able to provide for their family by having decent well-paying jobs and affordable housing and not be burdened with debt their whole life. He believes these are the basics to a happy fulfilled life, which have gradually and unfortunately become out of reach for many New Zealanders.

This is why he is standing as a candidate for New Zealand First. The only party with common sense, centrist policies that put all New Zealanders FIRST.


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