Marsden Point Pipes Being Filled With Concrete - Blatant Economic Treason

“The revelation that the government is allowing the Marsden Point Oil Refinery pipes to be filled with concrete shows an astonishing level of economic ignorance,” says Rt Hon Winston Peters Leader of New Zealand First.

“At a time when we have massive shortages of supply, a looming economic crisis, and prices of oil and other essential materials going through the roof, Labour is allowing this kind of short-sighted jingoistic behaviour to occur by a foreign company on kiwi soil.”

“The simple fact is New Zealand needs to be open to looking at all options moving into the future that could give us economic flexibility and certainty to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency.” 

“This removal of any future use of these pipes at Marsden Point is not a part of the decommissioning process – it is a private company being allowed to commit blatant economic treason,” says Mr Peters.

“The Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods needs to explain how this can be occurring under her nose at such an important and economically fragile time in our country.”