New Iwi Roadblock Law: Debliberate Legislative Separatism

“Legislation passed that allows illegal iwi roadblocks to now become legal is pure legislative separatism,” says Winston Peters Leader of New Zealand First.

“Not only does it allow the government to continue their dangerous separatist agenda, it makes a mockery of the policing system in New Zealand.”

“The concept of the ‘Public Highway’ is a long standing and inalienable right for all kiwis to have freedom of movement - that right should not and cannot be taken away because of the whim of some vigilante groups who think they know better than everyone else.”

“The government has just made the taking away of this freedom legal through a poorly thought out, dangerous, and precedent-setting piece of legislation.”

“What’s more, the backing down to these groups who conduct these illegal roadblocks has allowed the policing of our streets and deployment of our stretched police force to now become controlled by agenda-setting vigilantes.”

“Constables will now need to be at these roadblocks 24/7 instead of dealing with real crimes and keeping our communities safe.”

“Instead of pushing through legislation that made these iwi roadblocks legal, the government should have clearly identified the ‘Public Highway’, protected kiwis’ right to freedom of movement, and backed the police to shut down anyone who chooses to ignore it,” says Mr Peters.

“One law for all is the biggest protection for all New Zealanders – including Māori. It should be of great concern that we have a government who, instead of protecting and enforcing the rule of law, decides it’s easier to change it in order to appease an apparent ‘untouchable’ vocal few.”